EP Phone Home

by Hissy Fits

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released December 10, 2013

Recorded at Vinyl Records
Drums-Aidan Understein
Bass & Backing Vocals-Alex Grosskurth
Guitar & Backing Vocals-Chad Hartless
Guitar and Lead Vocals-Adam Fenton
Engineered by: Carter Fourquerean & Hissy Fits
Mixed & Mastered by: Aidan Understein
©Hissy Fits (Adam Fenton, Alex Grosskurth, Chad Hartless, Aidan Understein) 2011-2012. All rights reserved.
Special thanks to Andrew Scott, Carter Fourquerean and Max Huffman.



all rights reserved


Hissy Fits Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Hissy Fits are a guitar-rock band from Chapel Hill, NC.

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Track Name: Best Christmas Ever!
All these things that I don't have are getting in the way of moving on and getting through,
I've got to get away, I have no choice, have no say in this
We have a voice, I'll find my way in this,
I'm standing on the very edge, the wind would push me over,
On the other side of this edge lie places I'd call home,
But I won't budge, the wind's not strong enough,
I wish it was, I've waited long enough
I know
Here I am
Waiting for something good to come of this
And I know I can make it, I hate it not knowing if I'll fall
If I get what I want regardless of the danger, wondering who we are, lookin' for an angle.
I won't care, this sound would fix it all,
I'm well aware that I could miss it all,
And if I do, I'll fall apart and fill my lungs with anger
We're wondering who we are, looking for an angle,
But I won't, I wouldn't let myself
I stand alone, I won't regret myself
I know
Something's going wrong, if I miss this one thing then my life has no worth, you say I'm not right, but when you do you forget this is not about you.
All I have to do is wait.
Track Name: ...or something
Why you would take this on I don't know, but you will regret the decisions you've made,
The sky will hit the ground, and you've found, surrounded by those you allegedly hate, that you're holding out for no one.
These things that dawn on you won't be forgotten.
I wish you knew where your home was, this is because you don't know you need us, but you need us.
You'll never make it home when you're gone.
This was the reason why you came here when you knew your fate could've been sealed,
But you just fucked it all up, and why can't you just see that this is what you want,
You're holding out for no one.
These things that dawn on you won't be forgotten.
You'll never make it home when you're gone.
These stones you're throwing, the window's breaking
You'll be just, buried in glass.
These stones you're throwing, the window's breaking
You're peace is buried in glass.